Look forward to a year with a fabulous finish

It's time to look ahead – to think beyond the wintry weather outside and consider the styles for the year ahead. One of the key looks for spring/summer 2011 is called Perleage. This is about using subdued fabrics in precious fibres to create a polished look with a seductive finish.The colours should be light, airy and silky – pale golds, blush pink, mint cream and ivory. It's all about contrasting delicacy with radiant metals and enigmatic textures.

In some ways I think this look is inspired by early evening skies – pale pinks and blue/greys. It has an almost ghostly feel, but with a precious side, brought about by silky, sublime fabric textures and the polish of metal.

To create this look, choose furniture in fabulous fabrics, like the Claudius sofa from Barker and Stonehouse. Go for a subtle colour like mink. The textures of velvet and silk in its beautiful upholstery give the fabric a wonderful lustre, but which isn't heavy or too decadent for the Perleage look.

Couple it with glass and metallic accessories. A chic coffee table like the Caristo is perfect. It combines the light translucence of glass with a beautiful polished steel centre and black marble base.

Lighting is important in this look. Use lamps which tone in with the colour scheme – the Mimo table lamp in champagne would be perfect.

Add a large mirror, to help to reflect the light within the room and add to the light and airy feel. A mirror like the Venezia is ideal. Its light reflecting and detailed metal frame, makes it appear as though the mirror is floating weightless. When it comes to accessorising, the Cloud tealight holder would look lovely in a room of this Perleage style. They are available in silver or smoke – and both would suit the look. The shattered glaze effect gives them a precious appeal. Alternatively go for the scented Pillar candle in aqua and freesia which will create the light, fresh aroma associated with the Perleage look.

The Onyx cushion range comes in a colour palette which could have been made for the Perleage look. There is a metal sheen to the muted shades of brass, coal and platinum which gives them a radiance, similar to the minky tones of the Claudius sofa's velvet and silk upholstery. To find more inspiration in creating the Perleage look, go to one of the Barker and Stonehouse stores or look online at www.barkerandstonehouse.co.uk

YP MAG 8/1/11