Loose Women star teams up with mum of children who died in Corfu to raise awareness of CO poisoning

Loose Women has teamed up with a mother who lost two children to carbon monoxide poisoning to raise awareness of the danger.

Christie & Bobby Shepherd.

Sharon Wood’s two children, aged seven and six, were tragically killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday in Corfu, Greece.

The campaign, Say No To CO, launches on Tuesday and Ms Wood will talk about how a carbon monoxide alarm could have saved her children’s lives.

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Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan said: “I was so moved by Sharon’s story and my heart went out to her and her family.

Sharon Wood

“It’s so important to create awareness of CO so we can prevent lives being lost and families losing loved ones.”

Birds of a Feather star and Loose Women presenter Linda Robson spoke about the campaign, revealing how a friend had experienced carbon monoxide poisoning while abroad.

She said: “He was terribly ill and was hospitalised, luckily he made a full recovery.

“We later found out there was a leak in the apartment where he’d been staying.”

Ms Wood spoke about the campaign and how it will raise awareness of what she called the “silent killer”.

She said: “There is nothing more important to a mother than keeping her family safe, particularly when we are away from home.

“We pack the calpol and the plasters, and now it’s time we all take a CO monitor too. If my family had taken one on holiday, Christi and Bobby would most definitely still be with us.”

Loose Women will also be giving away 3,000 portable carbon monoxide alarms to viewers.

The show will also run a segment on Wednesday, with experts to show the dangers of the gas as well as tips for viewers on how to keep safe.

Loose Women editor Siobhan O’Gorman said: “Lives are being lost to carbon monoxide poisoning and people are experiencing permanent health problems because they’re unaware of the causes of this poisonous gas and how to protect themselves.

“Loose Women’s awareness campaign, Say No To CO will address this and we aim to keep 3,000 families safer this summer in our alarm giveaway.”