Lost tourists end up 300 miles from guest house

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Two Japanese tourists who had booked a stay in North Lincolnshire arrived at a similarly-named B&B, some 300 miles away.

The couple were looking forward to a stay at the Wesley Guest House, in Epworth, North Linconshire, on Tuesday.

But owner Graham Wilson got a call to say they would not be coming – as they had gone to Cornwall instead.

They had turned up at Wesley Cottage in Launceston on the other side of Britain.

It is thought they were planning to walk Epworth’s section of the Wesley Trail, named after John Wesley – the founder of the Methodist Church – who was born there. The cottage the tourists arrived at in Launceston is so named because it was visited by Wesley in the 18th Century.

Mr Wilson, said: “I had the two people in one room coming from Japan and they were staying for one night. I think they are doing the Wesley trail. I rang the booking company to find out where they were. Then the couple rang me and told me they were an hour away from us.

“I asked whereabouts, and they told me they were in Cornwall! They told us they were lost and went to the wrong place. They might come up later, making their way up, but we don’t really know.”