‘Majority of perpetrators’ of child sex exploitation in region are lone white men

LONE white males are responsible for most of the cases of child sexual exploitation in the East Riding, a new report out today reveals.

The number of suspected cases have risen dramatically in line with rising awareness, from just five in 2011/2012 to 71 in 2013/14.

The report into safeguarding in the wake of the Rotherham scandal by a review panel at East Riding Council found there were more cases in deprived Bridlington and Goole. Last year officials looked at the cases of 79 youngsters “who were of some concern” and decided 14 were subject to CSE, including three youngsters who had been placed in the area by another authority.

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The panel made 34 recommendations including training for councillors and running more awareness-raising campaigns.

Chairman Coun Kerri Harold said the number of cases were “very low”, compared to Rotherham, where it was found that at least 1,400 children were exploited by gangs of men.

She said they had found the system to be “robust”, adding: “While we didn’t find any major gaps we have areas we need to tighten up on.” She said: “CSE is not just about older perpetrators targeting younger people it’s peer on peer - young people being made to feel they have to do things that aren’t appropriate.”

However Labour councillor Paul Hogan said the report contained a “big omission” as it had not examined historical child sex abuse: “It talks a lot about what we do now - not what we did in the past. If there is another review panel there should at least be an independent chair - it should not be a panel dominated by the ruling group.” The panel will reconvene to consider the Louise Casey report which declared Rotherham Council not fit for purpose.

East Riding Council employs three former Rotherham officers, including former director of safeguarding Pam Allen.

A council spokesman said: “Every key safeguarding officer was interviewed by the panel as part of a robust examination of safeguarding in the East Riding.”