Make Epsom the ‘Aberdeen of South’ instead

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From: Kay Russell, Terrington, York.

I WONDER if your many readers are aware that the whole of Yorkshire is about to be dug up to keep the lights on in the South. Matthew Hancock, a very patronising Business Minister, suggests the North could be transformed by fracking and Blackpool could become the Aberdeen of the North.

We do need to be trained so he is proposing a college for onshore gas and oil, so we Northerners will be able to wreck our national parks and countryside in an educated manner. However, I did suggest to Mr Hancock that the South Downs are full of oil and Epsom could become the Aberdeen of the South and perhaps ex-bankers and ex-MPs could be trained to do the dirty work. The Government is closing down coal mines, making hundreds redundant, to be seen as being environmentally-friendly, yet fracking is okay. It doesn’t make sense, but we are dealing with politicians.

France has said “no way” to fracking, it’s an environmental disaster and once the damage is done, there is no turning back.

For all your readers who have enjoyed visiting the North York Moors, walking in the Dales and just generally enjoying the wonderful scenery we have in Yorkshire, say no to fracking in Yorkshire if you want to keep it this way.