Make the motorist drive litter from our lanes

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From: Philip Purkis JP, Knaresborough.

I, TOO, am disturbed by the amount of roadside litter spoiling our countryside.

Undoubtedly most is thrown from vehicles as claimed by Rowena Leder (The Yorkshire Post, March 29), but she overlooks the most effective solution; one that has been shown to work with many other motoring offences. Enforcement.

Currently it is an offence to throw litter from a vehicle but prosecutions are rare because the perpetrator must be identified.

This is not an easy thing to do with a moving vehicle. Making the registered keeper responsible in law would help enormously in combating the scourge of litter.

Roadside litter is disfiguring our towns and country spaces. It causes danger to collectors working near speeding traffic and expense to local authorities engaged in the futile activity of trying to keep our streets clean while people continually and carelessly drop more litter.

It is during local cycle rides that I notice litter most acutely.

In the year that the Tour de France comes to our county, could we try to reduce a curse that makes Yorkshire less beautiful than it could be?

Isn’t it time to strengthen the law?