Man burned in sub-station mystery

A MAN sustained severe burns after entering an electricity sub- station and was rescued by firefighters.

The power supply had to be switched off to the station, at High Stanton, near Scunthorpe, before three fire crews could begin the operation to get him out.

Rescuers used a hydraulic platform to help lift the 21-year-old casualty out with the minimum discomfort but they still had to use cutting equipment to reach him.

A Humberside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said an electricity engineer was called out to isolate the sub-station before the rescue could begin.

The casualty was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries.

It was unclear why the man was inside the sub-station but the spokesman described the structures as "extremely dangerous" and warned the public to keep away.

Group manager Mark Toplass said: "This was a traumatic incident for the crews which attended and I would like to commend the professionalism of not only the firefighters but also the police and ambulance service and engineers from Yorkshire Electricity who all worked well together to make an effective rescue."