Man fined for falsely reporting robbery and burglary in Sheffield

A man who falsely reported a robbery and burglary in Sheffield has been fined.

The man was fined.

A 54-year-old man reported that he had been robbed on Dyche Road, Jordanthorpe, and knocked unconscious on Tuesday, June 13. Later that evening, he reported that his house had also been broken into and bank cards stolen.

Detective Constable Neil Fox, who investigated both incidents, said: “As with any report of a crime, officers conducted a thorough investigation into this matter.

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“After speaking to witnesses and analysing CCTV footage, it became apparent that both incidents had not occurred and had in fact been fabricated.

“Considerable resources had been deployed to the area to protect the crime scene to preserve forensic opportunities, carry out enquiries and provide care and support to the complainant as a detailed investigation was launched.

“It is our duty to investigate any report of a crime thoroughly and protect victims and keep South Yorkshire safe. However, where a report has been made up, this takes valuable resources away from other people who may need them.

“If someone is found to have made up an incident and wasted police time, we will look to issue fines and prosecute where appropriate.”

The man was issued with a fixed penalty notice for fabricating the report, with a £90 fine imposed.