Man jailed for Shining-style bid to hack through door and kill girlfriend

A SOUTH African man has been jailed for 20 years after he tried to murder his estranged girlfriend in a ferocious knife attack and then injured her friend who went to her aid.

Leeds Crown Court heard Nkosinathi Ntombela smashed a hole through the door to get inside Nosisa Sibanda’s flat in Cottingley Heights, Leeds, then armed himself with two knives from the kitchen.

As she locked herself terrified in the toilet having rung the police for help, in a scene reminiscent of the film The Shining, where a crazed writer played by Jack Nicholson smashes his way through a door in an attempt to kill his family, Ntombela tried to stab his way through the door.

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Sam Green, prosecuting, said he was shouting that he was going to kill her but fortunately the door was solid and he did not succeed in getting in.

He went back to the kitchen, possibly to lull her into thinking he had gone but more likely to change knives having damaged one in his efforts. Miss Sibanda emerged to try and escape.

But he then cornered her and her friend Ntandoyenkosi Jiyane in the hall.

Despite their pleading with him he told his former partner he “should have killed her a long time ago”.

He tried to stab her in the chest but she grabbed hold of the knife with her hands suffering severe injuries trying to protect herself as he pulled the blade through them.

He continued the attack into the living room including biting her on her back, before Miss Jiyane intervened, pushing him away enabling Miss Sibanda to flee once more to the safety of the toilet.

An enraged Ntombela then turned on Miss Jiyane. She too suffered injury to her hands and a wound on her leg before he heard the police arriving.

Officers who peered through the hole in the door could see him holding a bloodstained and bent knife at Miss Jiyane and he threatened to kill her and any police who came inside.

Mr Green said assistance was called for and when more officers arrived they bravely entered the flat where Ntombela was trying to smash his way out through a window five floors up. He was tasered and arrested.

Miss Sibanda needed surgery on her hands and was left with permanent damage. Her friend was also referred for surgery and both continued to suffer psychological trauma from the attack.

She had begun a relationship with Ntombela in March 2010 and at one stage he wanted to marry her to secure his immigration status but she felt they had not know each other long enough.

He had been controlling and jealous and they separated after she had an abortion against his will.

Tony Ventham, representing Ntombela, said it had been a genuine relationship but they had fallen out over that. However it was rekindled and on that night he had been at her flat where he drank too much whisky.

He went to see another woman to a taxi and when he returned found himself locked out and his clothes thrown out of the window and accepted “he lost it completely” causing terrible injuries.

Ntombela, 24, admitted attempted murder and wounding with intent. Jailing him Judge Scott Wolstenholme said he had inflicted dreadful injuries to his former partner which had left her physically and emotionally scarred.

He commended the police officers for their actions.