Man loses battle to visit wife with dementia who calls husband ‘pig’

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A 66-year-old man has lost a legal fight with a health authority after complaining he had been unfairly prevented from visiting his sick 70-year-old wife in hospital.

The man claimed that hospital staff had wrongly refused him access to his wife, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

But health authority bosses said staff were acting on the woman’s “express wishes” – and a High Court judge ruled in their favour after a hearing in the Court of Protection in London.

Detail has emerged in a written ruling published online.

Mr Justice Moor said the woman had begun divorce proceedings more than a year before being admitted to hospital and had described her husband as a “pig”.

The judge said he had heard evidence from “numerous” witnesses – including social workers, a hospital manager and a nurse – who said the woman wanted to have “nothing more to do with her husband”.

He concluded she had “no wish” to see her husband and did not want him involved in her care – and he said she had “capacity” to express such views.

The man said children from his wife’s first marriage had brought “undue influence” to bear but Mr Justice Moor disagreed.

“He says that his wife has always really wanted to live with him. He is convinced that she never truly wanted to divorce him and that her real wishes and feelings now are to see him and have him fully involved in her welfare and care.

“I have no doubt that he does hold these views genuinely and unreservedly. Regrettably, however, he is completely wrong. I have written evidence from numerous witnesses who say the contrary.”