Man plied with free drinks on Magaluf stag do because revellers thought he was Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman!

A man was inundated with requests for selfies and offers of free drinks when he was mistaken for legendary Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman while on a stag weekend in Magaluf.


Norman Dorsett has a strong resemblence to the Shawshank Redemption actor – and that was further enhanced by the beer googles revellers were wearing on the party island of Majorca.

Bemused Norman had taken a few days off work after social media posts about his exploits over the weekend of June 24-25 went viral.

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It was Norman’s nephew Louis who set the ball rolling by tweeting several photos from the weekend and writing: “My uncle went Magaluf for a stag weekend and everyone thought he was Morgan Freeman.”

Norman told this website: “I went on a friend’s stag do last weekend. People were taking a lot of photos of me. “It started at the airport at Magaluf . Wherever I went for the three days they thought I was Morgan Freeman. It was crazy.

“I just said ‘I’m not Morgan Freeman’, but they just didn’t believe me. People were coming up close and taking photos.” Even one nightclub appeared to be taken in by the hype as they posted on their big screen: “Morgan Freeman is in the house. Buy him a drink if you see him.”

Norman, 63, added: “Everyone was coming up to me and buying a pint. I had to give some of them away!”

The similarity to Freeman – 17 years his senior at 80 – is enhanced if Norman doesn’t make a regular trip to the barbers. I usually have a number 1 haircut but I’d let it get long. I also don’t usually have a beard. Everytime time I have a beard it happens. It happens whenever I go on the beer.”

So is Norman actually a fan of the veteran actor? “Big time,” he said. “I like all his films.”