Man urinating on Leeds station platform arrested after spitting at police and staff member

A man spat at police and kicked an officer after urinating on the platform at Leeds City Station.

A member of station staff had initially challenged the man, who spat on his top and trousers in response.

British Transport Police said three of its officers were then called to platform nine at 8.45pm.

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The 27-year-old local man spat at the officers when they arrived and kicked one of them.

He was arrested and was due to be interviewed today after being held in custody overnight.

Chief Inspector Lorna McEwan said: “Assaults on officers and rail staff are not ‘just part of the job’ and on any level, whether it be violence or verbal abuse, are simply unacceptable.

"The officers involved in this incident will be given the best level of support and care and we will undertake a swift and thorough investigation of the case, as we would with any other victim.”