Man with learning difficulties needs surgery after attack by gang of yobs on Sheffield estate

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A man with learning difficulties has been left needing surgery after being attacked by a gang of yobs on a Sheffield estate.

The 25-year-old was targeted on Buchanan Road, Parson Cross, at around 9.30pm yesterday.

A man was attacked by a gang of youths in Parson Cross

A man was attacked by a gang of youths in Parson Cross

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He was set upon by members of a 13-strong gang of youths, made up of 10 boys and three girls, and was left a fractured cheekbone.

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He also suffered a black eye, cuts and bruises in the attack.

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The victim was initially verbally abused by the youths as he left Asda on Chaucer Road with his mum.

As the pair walked towards Nayab’s takeaway on nearby Buchanan Road, where they were due to go for food, the man was attacked from behind.

He was stuck over his head and a number of other youths then became embroiled in the attack.

His brother, who was riding past on his motorbike at the time, stopped to intervene and his bike was damaged by the youths. 

A  relative said: “He and his mum had popped to Asda for some milk and as they left a gang of teenagers outside started shouting at them and following them as they walked away.

“As they got to Nayab’s, where they were going for their tea, he was whacked from behind and then the others got involved.

“This was totally unprovoked and anyone who knows him knows he wouldn’t say boo to a goose and does not deserve this.”

He said a group of teens has been seen outside Asda over the last few nights.

“The police need to find who did this and prosecute,” he said.

“Loads of people are talking about this gang outside Asda so they need to find out who they are.”

South Yorkshire Police confirmed an investigation into the incident is under way.

Anyone with information on the attack should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.