Mansion tax is Lib Dem plan to soak rich

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From: Peter Horton, Ripon.

THE Liberal Democrats want to “add extra bands to council tax to raise more money from the rich and cut the deficit fairly.”

To start with, council tax is collected by the district councils and unitary authorities to finance council services in their particular areas. The Lib Dems do not explain how this would help to cut the deficit. Do they intend to take this extra revenue away from councils and put it in the Treasury coffers?

Also, do they understand the principle of council tax? It is charged to pay for schools, social services, refuse collection, road maintenance, street lighting etc. and is not designed to penalise a particular section of the population for having big houses.

In fact, the residents of these “mansions”, which so excite the Liberal Democrats, probably cost their councils less than those who live in smaller houses as they probably pay privately for the schooling of their children, when the cost of schools is the biggest chunk of every council’s expenditure.

This is an ill-thought out and very socialist move by the Lib Dems to “soak the rich”, forgetting that they are already paying more than the average person through the income tax system. It seems to me neither liberal nor democratic.

From: RC Dales, Church View, Brompton, Northallerton.

SOME of my best friends over the years have been Scots but the recent action by politicians headed by Alex Salmond indicates that there is a large number north of the border who dislike us, the English.

There has been no reference to this in the Press and it may be desirable to evoke the views of the English, waking them up.

As there is a strong feeling in Scotland that they could manage financially and otherwise independently, should not the multi-million pound grant to Scotland stop immediately? To liberate such a large part of our national expenditure could be used towards the rescue of our failing National Health Service.

From: David W Wright, Easingwold, North Yorkshire.

IT is time for Nick Clegg and his chums to finally accept that the Lib Dems are a dying party and, with the emergence of Ukip as the third political party, who have clear policies to get the UK out of the mess we are in, Clegg – and David Cameron for that matter – must surely wake up to the realities of our continued membership of the EU, ECHR and ECJ.

From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley, West Yorkshire.

IT’S said that about 10 per cent of the human brain’s potential is ever used. That’s a bit like driving a car at 5mph. If you were the driver behind, how would you react? Sadly, when it gets to a General Election, we tolerate poor thinking from our politicians.

A recent Panorama programme highlighted the fact that we spend £28bn topping up the incomes of people in work. Many of these people are still struggling to pay bills. Labour believe an increase of the minimum wage will solve the problem, highlighting their continued inability to understand business.

People will end up losing their jobs or getting their hours cut if business can’t pay.

The Lib Dems smugly point to the increase in tax allowances to £10,000, forgetting inflation has eroded the allowance.

The Tories, if you believe Iain Duncan Smith, look upon tax credits as “an electoral bribe” by Labour, totally failing to understand the crisis many families are facing.

We’re almost 100 years from Major CH Douglas highlighting this problem, but nowhere near adopting his sensible solutions.

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

IT is fairly obvious that the NHS is abused by large numbers of the public. Those who arrive at A&E injured due to excess drink or drugs, should be charged. Harsh maybe, but these idiots cost us millions by their casual attitude.

Freedom Food facts

From: Dr Julia Wrathal, Head of Farm Animals, RSPCA Science Group.

THE RSPCA would like to correct inaccurate claims made in an article “Calls for method of production labels on chicken proves divisive” (The Yorkshire Post, October 1).

Within the piece, a spokesman from Red Tractor incorrectly states that “most” broiler chickens raised under RSPCA welfare standards are “raised indoors and intensively.”

This is a surprising claim given that application of RSPCA welfare standards ensures that all and any intensive farming systems are excluded.

In fact the Freedom Food scheme is the only one recognised by the EU as being “higher welfare.”

In addition, the Red Tractor spokesman claims the RSPCA is about to “drop the name of its Freedom Food scheme.”

This is not correct either. Freedom Food will continue to be the name of the RSPCA’s higher welfare farm assurance scheme though there is to be a change in the logo. From 2015, (registration pending) the words: “RSPCA Assured” will be displayed rather than (as now) “Freedom Food”.

The RSPCA’s name has always been incorporated in the Freedom Food logo, but one of the key findings of an independent report commissioned by the RSPCA into Freedom Food in 2013 – was to better utilise the RSPCA name to help promote Freedom Food more cost effectively.