March 21 letters: Smart meters do power of good for customers

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From: Jorge Pikunic, managing director, Smart Metering, British Gas.

READERS of Conal Gregory’s article “When a smart meter can be anything but smart” (The Yorkshire Post, March 14) may have formed the impression that the accuracy of smart meters has been called into question.

This is misleading. Mr Gregory questions how many smart meters are accurate. In fact, smart meters have an excellent track record for accuracy and reliability.

British Gas has now installed more than 1.3 million smart meters in homes. Of these 1.3 million, we have not had a single instance of a British Gas smart meter recording gas or electricity consumption inaccurately.

It is also wrong to suggest that smart meters cannot be tested.

All new gas and electricity meters (smart or standard) undergo rigorous testing for accuracy through the European Measuring Instruments Directive administered by the National Measurement Office. British Gas goes further, and also tests each new meter type for manufacturing quality to ensure that it will operate correctly and safely.

We are delighted to be able to offer customers smart meters today, as they allow customers to see and control how they are using energy and what it is costing.