March 27: Still waiting for compensation from Jet2

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From: Margaret Scott, Woodside Avenue, Wrenthorpe, Wakefield.

I WAS interested to read (The Yorkshire Post, March 21) that Jet2 has denied a Civil Aviation Authority report that they are not paying compensation to passengers who have experienced flight delays.

That is just not true. We are waiting for compensation for a delay of four hours on a flight to Faro on July 4, 2014.

We have been informed by Jet2 that they are appealing against a Court of Appeal ruling that they should pay compensation and therefore cannot pay up until a decision has been taken.

According to the CAA, the Supreme Court has refused Jet2 leave to appeal and therefore 
the Court of Appeal judgment 
in Jet2 stands.

So are Jet2 introducing delaying tactics in the hope that we will go away?

A Liverpool passenger awaiting compensation recently won a case when she took Jet2 to court and the judge ruled in 
her favour.

I can also confirm that we were never informed of our rights to appeal for compensation at the time 
of the delayed flight. It was 
only when our tour operator knew of the situation on our return that we were told to 
make the claim.