March 28: Fishing reform shambles explains why we want out of EU

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From: Martin Hall, Woodhouse Lane, Beighton.

EUROPEAN fisheries – 1.7 million tonnes of fish discarded every year – ie 23 per cent of total catches. Back in 2010, UK vessels discarded an estimated 51,697 tonnes of fish. Quotas insanity.

Reform has taken nearly 40 years and it is already looking like a shambles. This is one reason out of many why Ukip wants us out of the EU. An ecological disaster; simple waste; bureaucratic foot-dragging; fishermen out of work; higher costs for the consumer; a financial nightmare and politicians without a clue. We want out.

From: John Lowcock, Sheffield.

I JUST love the Ukip NHS policy: care, free for all UK patients, abolition of car-parking charges in hospitals and compulsory health insurance for all non-citizens. What’s more – you just know that they really would cut waiting times. Intelligently thought out.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

I HAVE always referred to today’s breed of so-called “Labour” politicians as “wafer thin mint munching metro-socialists” who, from the comfort and safety of their Islington bistros pretend to have at heart the interests of the “working class”, though they tend to call them “working people” these days. It sounds so much more egalitarian over a few glasses of “acceptable” wine, doesn’t it ?

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that in Simon Danczuk (Rochdale) at least has what I would call a “real” Labour MP who is honest enough (The Yorkshire Post, March 24) to admit that the party now seems led by what he calls a “liberal elite” based in London.

Good on you, sir. I won’t be voting for you, but you do have my respect.

From: John Fisher, 
Menwith Hill.

AS the Conservatives and Labour proceed to blame each other for the problems facing this country, one thing is certain: both will retain their seats in Parliament with a minority of votes cast.

The next government will be decided by the results of a few marginal constituencies and the majority of our MPs will be in Parliament until retirement age as they become pretend experts on running the economy.

Neither Ed Balls nor George Osborne would be trusted to run the financial operation of a major international company, so why complain when our national economy lurches from crisis to crisis?