March 28: Why not confront the blatant litter throwers?

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From: David Craggs, Goldthorpe.

I, AND no doubt many of your readers, read the article by Andrew Vine on the country’s litter problem (The Yorkshire Post, March 24) and agreed with most of what he had to say. But one thing puzzled me. Why didn’t he confront the group on the Filey beach who left all their litter? We know that one has to be wary in this respect. If the offender is covered in tattoos 
and has a pit bull terrier in tow, one would be sensible to think twice.

But this group had children with them and there were other offended people who could have supported him.

There are times when one 
has to stand up and be 

Dog fouling is another offence where the public turns a blind eye. Councils will act if they have the evidence. It’s up to us the public to help. The click of a mobile phone could provide that evidence.

It’s no good tutt-tutting under our breath and doing nothing.

In the same edition, you reported on the death of Lee Kuan Yew. The Singapore leader will be remembered for waging war on the chewing gum ‘droppers’.

Maybe we need such a person to sort out a problem that brings adverse comments from foreign visitors who otherwise love our country.