Matter of faith and freedom

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From: Rev Barrie Williams, Chubb Hill Road, Whitby.

THE year 2013 marks 1,700 
years from the decree of the Emperors Constantine 
and Licinius granting 
toleration not only to 
Christianity but all the faiths of the empire.

Sadly, within a century, the Christian church itself became the persecutor, and universal religious freedom remains a far-off dream.

We might begin in this 
country, where Constantine began his reign, by allowing Christians full outward expression of their faith (William Snowden, Yorkshire Post, December 24) and by admitting the Druids and others to the inter-faith dialogue.

As their Imperial Majesties said, “religious liberty should not be denied”.

Helping hands in hour of need

From: Helen and Trevor Watson, Totley, Sheffield.

PLEASE express through your pages our grateful thanks for all the help we received on December 16. On that day we were knocked down by a car at Banner Cross and were severely injured.

Several people stopped to 
help, including four doctors 
and other passers-by. One of 
the lady doctors covered the worst injured of us with her 
own warm clothing and 
stayed until the ambulance arrived.

We still have this kind 
person’s scarf and she may wish to contact us so that we can return it.

We also need to thank the professional and very kind ambulance crew.

Left in shade

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

ANY chance of Leeds 
Council repairing all the 
street lights that no longer 
work along the A65 – or is this another service that has been dropped?