May 11: Why Leeds Council is the worst in the country over street lighting

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From: Mr R Colling, Foxhill Crescent, Leeds.

FOR many years, I have considered Leeds Council among the worst in the country, but I have recently changed my opinion. I now believe it to be the worst in the country.

I am finally moved to express my absolute disgust by the recent letter stating the street lights in my area are to be turned off between midnight and 5am, contravening the council’s responsibility to provide that lighting charged for in our council tax.

This action is typical of the council’s arrogant attitude, doing what it pleases in pursuing totally unnecessary projects while reputed to be 
short of funds, a prime example being the continuing fiasco of the third attempt to create the Lawnswood / Stourton trolleybus system and the recent announcement 
of the decision to allowspending of £30m on a cycle track between Leeds and Bradford.

All this, and we still need millions of pounds to be spent on the untreated potholes which are unlikely ever to be properly repaired, despite causing seriously expensive damage to vehicles in much the same way as the useless speed humps usually ignored by all except those who do not particularly speed in the normal course of events.