May 15: Fracking continues the fossil fuel madness

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From: David March, Springhill Court, Tadcaster.

FOLLOWING on from recent correspondence on your pages, John Dewar of Open Energy extends an open invite to the public to visit their operations to learn the truth on fracking in Ryedale (The Yorkshire Post, May 12).

I intend to take him up on his offer as I hope many will.

One point that wasn’t covered in his response is the simple fact that shale gas is, obviously, a fossil fuel and to continue 
to use these fossil fuels is 
beyond madness, especially as it 
comes in the wake of the news that the concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere have reached 400 ppm. This is the highest level for over a million years and is directly linked to the burning of fossil fuels in our energy production.

Fifty per cent of this increase has occurred since 1980.

We need to invest more in sustainable energy production and move away from all fossil fuel use.

We cannot sacrifice our tomorrows for short-sighted gains today.