May 18: Would republic really be better value for money than Royal family?

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From: Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

YOUR correspondent Mrs Rusby (The Yorkshire Post, May 14) is a Republican and considers that it would be cheaper to have a President, or Chancellor, as Head of State rather than our present Monarchy.

For a start, our present Royal Family are wealthy enough not to require a salary, which a President would surely expect.

Travel expenses would be chargeable just as much and also they would require somewhere to live and entertain.

Our present Queen has a reputation second to none in the world.

Most people think it an honour just to speak to her from the crowd.

The same can be said of her children, all of whom have established a role for themselves and also very important and useful charities.

Whatever prejudice one has against the Royal Family, any fair-minded person has to believe that they care for us, their subjects, and also the needs of 
the hard-working country workers.

How I wonder would it be possible to find a series of Presidents who would fill all these vital roles?

It would be very interesting to discover how much the German and French taxpayers are charged for their heads of State.