May 2: Why did Morrisons boss get reward for failure?

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From: Mrs A Holdsworth, West Garth, Sherburn, Malton.

I USED to be a loyal Morrisons shopper, but now do as much as possible at Lidl or B&M.

I need my money in my purse now, not as a voucher in a few weeks time. Also to spend £40 for several weeks to get a discount, as a widow on a pension, it can’t be done. With the efforts being made, we are told, by David Potts to pull the shop round, I had considered returning to Morrisons.

However, if they will pay such ridiculous amounts in bonuses etc to Dalton Philips as a failed leader, I will think again.

Come down to earth, Morrisons, to the man in the street. Alternatively – come back Sir Ken!

From: Ann Perkins, Yeadon.

CAN anyone explain why Dalton Philips received a £1m bonus for presiding over the mismanagement of Morrisons? Despite the recently announced changes, the customer service is still abysmal and the supermarket in Guiseley was out of baking potatoes the other day. When I asked a member of staff when an order was due, he just shrugged his shoulders. I’m afraid such service is just not good enough – now I know why one of your columnists was so irate by the same store’s failure to stock skimmed milk.