May 22 Letters: Fines to make the drunks take reponsibility

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From: Stuart Huckerby, New Road, Millthorpe, Sheffield.

ONCE again we see the mismanagement of this country in all its glory. “Binge Buses” (mobile medical care for drunks)are being introduced to treat drunks in the streets of Kent, rather than having them go to A&E.

These binge drinkers are costing the NHS millions, but the way forward is not a Binge Bus. The correct way of dealing with this would be to fine drunks £250 for their first offence.

A £500 fine should be levied for the second offence and a custodial sentence to follow, if the offender persists (three strikes and out) with ladies and gents treated equally.

How are we ever going to get people to take responsibility for their own actions if we continue in this indisciplined way?

One can see the next step 
in this sequence: provide a mattress for all drunks to 
fall on to, as they continue to drink irresponsibly and fall down.

This country needs management and self-discipline, not the whims of politicians.