Maze owner rocks Guinness boat with a giant pumpkin

If there had not previously been a record for the largest pumpkin to have been turned into a boat, there is now.

Tom Pearcy, who runs the seasonal York Maze attraction, carved out of corn at Elvington, harnessed the power of a different vegetable for yesterday’s expedition on the Ouse.

A hollowed-out pumpkin, weighing 1,364lb, was lowered into the water by a JCB and then propelled downstream by a canoe paddle-wielding Mr Pearcy the 525 yards between Ouse Bridge and Skeldergate Bridge – whereupon it was towed back to the start line by the York Rescue Boat, and lifted clear of the river.

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According to the maze, which is open until Sunday, the vessel was “heavier than any other pumpkin boats that have been reported in the media”.

Tom Pearcy in his pumpkin boat on the River Ouse, York. Picture by Simon Hulme

A spokesman said: “We have applied to Guinness World Records to have this new record recognised.”

Last year, the attraction set a record for the world’s biggest Jack o’ Lantern, which weighed 143 stones and had taken Christian Russell, a pumpkin carver, two days and a new saw to transform. Mr Pearcy said yesterday’s attempt has been done with “careful safety planning and approvals”.