Meet Louis, the West Yorkshire cat who is still going strong at 16

Rescued from a burning warehouse as a tiny kitten, life for Louis has been one littered with obstacles to overcome.

Victoria Lee, her daughter Sophia and Louis the cat.
Victoria Lee, her daughter Sophia and Louis the cat.

As the years ticked by, the ginger tom went missing for five weeks and suffered from a variety of health concerns.

However, now at the grand old age of 16, the rough equivalent of 84 in human years, he can be confident at least one or two of his nine lives remain intact.

It was Victoria Lee from Kirkhamgate, near Wakefield, who cared for little Louis when he was rescued by the fire service from a burning warehouse where his feral mum lived with her litter.

He was the only survivor and aged just two weeks.

Victoria, who is the Practice Manager at Chantry Vets, hand reared the kitten and Louis remains as devoted to her as he did all those years ago.

Louis is now one of oldest patients on Chantry’s books.

“He has been a fighter all his life and has kept his mischievous personality throughout his years, though he can be a pain at times. He is a nervous cat which is a typical trait for one that’s been hand reared,” said Victoria.

“Now he is older he likes to sleep by the radiator and he has his favourite bed.

"We have to be careful what we feed him so he is on a special food brand to keep him healthy.

“Louis certainly wouldn’t still be here without the advanced monitoring and preventative measures that have been put into place to look after his health."

Victoria’s four-year-old daughter Sophia loves to look after Louis and the family’s other cat Freddie.

Victoria added: “She likes to play the nursing role similar to her mum and will always want to feed the cats and help to give them their medication under my supervision.”

Louis has had health scares including high blood pressure, thickening of the heart and spinal problems, but regular trips to Chantry Vets have kept him happy in his advanced years.