Meet Millie - the first 2019 baby to be born in Britain

Mum Lucy Straker, dad Jamie, baby Millie, and five-year-old sister Summer. Photo by Richard Ponter (190103b)
Mum Lucy Straker, dad Jamie, baby Millie, and five-year-old sister Summer. Photo by Richard Ponter (190103b)
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Millie Straker made her dramatic arrival at one minute past midnight yesterday - which could make her the first new arrival of 2019 anywhere in the country.

She was born at Scarborough Hospital 10 days before she was expected, weighing 5lbs 6ozs.

Dad Jamie, of Queensgate, Bridlington, said: “She is probably the first in the country. All the staff and nurses were very excited, and they were all amazing”

Millie was delivered by emergency Caesarean section and Jamie admits he was watching the clock while his wife Lucy was in labour. He said: “We had a concern at about 5pm so we drove through to Scarborough Hospital.

“They did a few checks and then it just escalated. It got to about 11.40pm and Lucy had gone into theatre and I was looking at the clock.

“There were three other women on the ward so I was wondering if we would be the first in Scarborough, never mind in the country.”

Mum Lucy and Millie are recovering now, but the birth turned into a critical situation and Jamie praised the hospital staff who saved the pair's lives.

"It was all sudden and unexpected, we went to Scarborough hospital and by 11.30pm, Llucy was bleeding internally and Millie had the cord round her neck three times.

"Lucy took all the pain thrown at her, and stayed positive the entire time. The staff multiplied in seconds, extremely organised and co-ordinated and saved our baby and Lucy.

"The response and support in the hospital has been amazing.

"So, being the UK's first baby in 2019, possibly, was totally unexpected but has a nice touch. Summer's so excited to get her sister home to play with."

Liz Ross, head of midwifery at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said; “We were delighted to welcome the safe and healthy arrival of baby Millie as we entered the New Year.

"Born just after midnight, Millie is the earliest New Year’s Day birth at the Trust and is likely to be one of the earliest babies born in the country in 2019.

“We are pleased to hear that mum and Millie are doing well and wish them all the best for the future and a very happy 2019.”

There were four babies delivered on New Year’s Day and two born on Christmas Day at Scarborough Hospital.