Meningitis kills mother-to-be but baby saved

A MOTHER who was seven months pregnant died from meningitis – but medics managed to save her unborn daughter’s life.

Wendy Moss was taken to the Royal Derby Hospital earlier this month, where doctors carried out an emergency Caesarean to deliver baby Isla.

The baby was born seven weeks early and weighed just 4lb 4oz, the Derby Telegraph reported.

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Just 24 hours later, Mrs Moss died of meningitis without seeing her daughter.

Isla spent two weeks in intensive care but is now home with her father Matthew, 30, who is also caring for the couple’s son, 21-month-old Archie.

Mr Moss found his 38-year-old wife collapsed in the couple’s home in Borrowash, Derbyshire, after she complained of flu-like symptoms.

“The children will never know that they had the best mum in the world,” he said.

He added: “My daughter is lovely. She’s feeding well.”

Mr Moss said he was “truly heartbroken” over the death of his wife, describing her as “the love of my life”.