MEP urges public inquiry into threatened airport site

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CALLS to save an airport from redevelopment as a business park have received further backing from a Yorkshire MEP, who has already attempted to bring the situation to the attention of the European Union.

Conservative Timothy Kirkhope said in 2011 that Sheffield City Airport, which is now closed, had received millions in grants from Brussels, cash which is now set to be wasted as the runway is bulldozed.

Sheffield Council has already given planning permission for the business park project, but a vociferous campaign has been mounted by the regional branch of the Federation of Small Businesses to stop it.

The FSB has gathered a petition of 1,300 names, claims it has found a mystery backer who would be willing to buy the airport and said Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport was “not fit” for business travellers.

Mr Kirkhope said he was now “pursuing a full and independent inquiry” into Sheffield Council’s dealings over the airport and the site’s owners Peel Holdings, which has a stake in the Doncaster site adding there had been too much “jockeying for position”.

He said: “The renewed discussions about Sheffield City Airport which now include at least one of the city’s MPs, gives those of us who have been arguing for its re-opening for a long time now fresh optimism.”