Mercia invests in fertility company

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​Mercia Technologies, which specialises in building, funding and commercialising innovative British ​firms, has agreed ​its first direct investment sourced by Enterprise Ventures Group following its acquisition by Mercia ​in March.

Mercia has invested an initial £400,000 in Concepta Diagnostics, which develops diagnostic devices for women’s health.

Based in York, and founded by a group of scientists who previously worked for Unipath in the fields of fertility and women’s health, Concepta has developed a range of market-ready products.

Its product range recently achieved product registration in one of its largest target markets, China, where the abolition of China’s one-child policy is expected to drive significant demand for a cost​ ​effective fertility monitoring system.

Concepta’s product range provides data to women for a variety of fertility applications, using disposable test strips and devices linked to a mobile app which captures levels of key fertility hormones in urine and builds an accurate and easy-to-understand “digital diary”.

Peter Dines, ​i​nvestment ​d​irector at Mercia, said:​ ​“The investment into Concepta reinforces the strategic rationale behind Mercia’s acquisition of EVG.”