Middle in a muddle as rich profit once again

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From: George Appleby, Clifton, York.

AS long as I can remember we lived on a see-saw of booms and busts; the inevitable result of our political system.

It started with the rich owning and controlling everything and gradually being forced to relinquish, bit by bit, as little as they could to the poor, who themselves owned and controlled nothing and could get by as long as they toed the line.

The Tory and Labour parties ruled, first one then the other.

Most people have no interested in the two old party system; extreme riches versus extreme poverty with the gap between growing ever greater.

They are moderates, generally too busy with work, family and getting on with life to be involved.

They know what is wrong with the system and society generally but many lost interest because they don’t feel part of it.

However, many felt a better way forward was on offer with PR backed by Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, who made it their main platform in the last election.

No party got enough votes to form a government and the Lib Dems had record votes.

If they had been true to their promise, as champions of PR, they would have tried to gather support among all the smaller parties before going to talk to Labour and Tories. There had never been a better chance to go for it.

They didn’t and we have instead, a Tory government, supported by Nick Clegg and his party, intent on turning our life support, the NHS and what’s left of public services, into sources of profit for the their traditional backers. Here we go again!

Anything else is a diversion.