Midwives ‘sad’ over birth centre axe

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The Royal College of Midwives says the closure of the region’s only natural birth centre “limits choices for women.”

The professional body for midwives said the decision to axe the Jubilee Birth Centre in Cottingham was “very sad news”.

The cost-saving move will see services centralised at Hull Royal Infirmary. The NHS trust which made the decision said it would make a midwifery-led birth “a more viable option for more women.”

Jacque Gerrard, from the RCM, said: “The RCM wanted to see this unit remain open, so this is disappointing news for the women who want to give birth in this kind of environment, and very sad news for the midwives who want to provide care there.

“This limits choices for women in the area at a time when the Government is saying there should be more choice. However, we are pleased to see that the option of birthing in a midwife-led unit for women will still be available even though this means centralising services and the closure of Jubilee. Midwife-led care offers women a different type of birth experience from a clinical hospital environment, and one that also brings additional benefits.”