Miliband: I’m the man to lead Labour

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ED MILIBAND has insisted he has no plans to step aside – and remains confident of leading his party back into government.

The Labour leader was on the campaign trial yesterday in Wales, staging a Shadow Cabinet meeting at an aircraft engine factory as well as conducting a 45 minute Q&A with about 150 workers.

He talked up his plans for the economy, the ongoing battle with the “cost of living crisis” and the turmoil in Iraq. Mr Miliband, whose Jewish father escaped the clutches of Nazi Germany, also urged voters not to give up on politics, saying it does make a difference to people’s lives.

And he also brushed off suggestions that he was not the right man to lead Labour. A recent Ipsos Mori poll said 49 per cent of the public think his party should ditch him.

He said: “I have total faith in the argument we are making in how we change the country. On all the major questions our country faces, such as the cost of living crisis, we are setting the agenda.

“This is a hard thing we are trying to do, we are trying to be a one term Opposition. And that hasn’t been done in a generation.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy, least of all me. But I am not only determined, but I am confident that we can win the next election. We need to because the stakes are incredibly high for the country.”