Miliband’s honesty on austerity is welcome

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From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme upon Spalding Moor.

I FIND it strange that the public call for clarity and honesty from all political parties, and yet when Ed Miliband is honest enough to state that he might not reverse the coalition’s austerity measures if he is elected in 2015, the public service workers union suddenly object and refuse to accept the situation. Are they stupid or what?

Anyone in their right mind can see that things have to change, especially as in some council boroughs virtually all the community tax is spend on topping up the public workers pension funds, leaving little for the domestic services it is supposed to provide.

At least Mr Miliband is being honest, whereas the coalition seem to be pulling the wool over our eyes – pleading poverty on the one hand and yet suddenly deciding that money can be found for the HS2 rail link and a possible new airport in the Thames estuary.

It seems to me that they are doing just the opposite to what they are advising all of us to do – that is stop borrowing and overspending – yet they are on a spending spree with the platinum government credit-card getting us deeper and deeper into debt.

Let’s face it, their austerity measures are creating mass unemployment, and it takes no brains to realise that eventually the benefit system will soon be paying out to the majority.

However, that seems to matter nothing in their big picture of high speed travel and extra flights, proving they have no concept of reality or indeed of the problems of those they govern: for example the little Yorkshire girl seeking cancer treatment in America and yet her parents have had all their benefits stopped. A real caring government, don’t you think?