Milk Tray man is back, and he could be a woman

Milk Tray Man is back on TV screens after a 13-year absence as Cadbury launches a search for his successor - and this time, it could be a woman.

James Coombes in their new Milk Tray advert as the company launches a search for his successor.

The polo neck-wearing 80s hero famous for his daring escapades to deliver a box of chocolates to the lady he loves is calling for candidates to become the brand’s new face, culminating with a leading role in the next Milk Tray ad.

In the latest ad to screen tonight, one of the original Milk Tray Men, James Coombes - still wearing the black polo neck - glances over photos of previous escapades before calling for “a new hero to deliver the famous box”.

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And as times have changed since the original ad aired in 1968, the new recruit - whether a woman or man - must combine a sense of adventure and daring with the understanding that “gestures of romance, friendship and even kindness can take many forms”.

But the campaign does continue to feature the original slogan “And all because the lady loves Milk Tray”.

Coombes, who made his debut as Milk Tray Man in 1987, said: “I loved this role the first time around and nothing has changed since, so I’m sure whoever gets to fill my shoes will be just as delighted.

“We’re on the search for a modern Milk Tray Man, someone who is thoughtful yet adventurous and I’m really looking forward to seeing who it will be.”

Mondelez International senior brand manager Hortense Foult Rothenburger said: “In the past he was known as a daring action hero, and while a sense of adventure is still key to his character, what we want from today’s Milk Tray Man is someone that is also thoughtful and goes the extra mile to put a smile on our face.”

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