Miners' strike memories to be brought to life at Leeds Film Festival

Memories of the miners' strike during the 1980s are to be brought to life at the Leeds International Film Festival later this month.

A series of short films made by South Yorkshire residents who experienced the strike of 1984-85, in collaboration with the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University, will be premiered at the festival.

Eight short films, collectively named ‘Mining the Memories’, will be screened for the first time on Monday, November 14 at Leeds Town Hall’s Albert Room (8.15pm).

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The evening’s programme will also include poetry, music and a question and answer session with the filmmakers and writers.

Using the latest technology available at the Northern Film School, the participants worked closely with students, graduates and staff on the University’s Filmmaking degrees to produce the films, which were shot on location in and around South and West Yorkshire.

Sam Morgan, an ex-coal miner with 33 years’ experience, wrote the film, Respect. He said: “It meant so much to me to be invited to make the film.

“It has been a fantastic experience from start to finish.”

Jennifer Granville, Principal Lecturer in the Northern Film School of CINAGE Project Leader, said: “The work that was written during our workshops was so powerful, that we ended up making six dramas and two documentaries.

“Distinguished actors were approached to be in the films and, without exception, were so moved by the material that they agreed to take part.

“Our students worked on the films and learned inestimable amounts, not just about filmmaking, but also about the industrial history of the area that their University is based in and the meaning of community.”