Minister promises to push for easing of border controls

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Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander promised to keep pushing Spain to ease border restrictions as he visits Gibraltar.

Speaking at the Garrison Library on The Rock, the senior Liberal Democrat marked Europe Day yesterday by stressing the importance of free movement.

“On this special day, I reiterate the Government’s firm commitment that we will respect your wishes on the question of sovereignty,” Mr Alexander said. “The UK will never pass sovereignty over Gibraltar to another state against your wishes. And we will not enter into any process of sovereignty negotiations with which you are not content.

“I know that your relationship with Spain is a difficult one. And I am glad to have had the opportunity to come and hear first hand what impact that has.

“So, on this Europe Day, I 
ask everyone involved to think of the basic principles that underpin the European movement, particularly the free movement of people across internal 

“We are working hard to promote those principles and Gibraltar’s right to enjoy their fruits. And we will continue to do so.”

During his two-day visit Mr Alexander will witness the arrival of the Commonwealth Games Baton as well as inspecting border arrangements and the naval detachment that challenges unauthorised incursions into Gibraltar waters.