Misconduct hearing in tragic toddler case

A SOCIAL worker is to face a misconduct hearing on Monday in a case resulting from the horrific death of a two-year-old girl in West Yorkshire.

Judyth Kenworthy worked for Kirklees Council when Sanam Navsarka, of Huddersfield, was killed by her mother and her partner in May, 2008 during a month of ''unbelievable'' cruelty.

The youngster had 107 separate injuries on the outside of her body and all four limbs were broken.

A report found that Sanam had been seen with a bruise and a mark on her head, and her mother's partner had been suspected of hitting her – but professionals within the council's Looked After Children Service failed to pass the information on to child protection specialists.

It is expected that Ms Kenworthy will be grilled by a panel of the General Social Care Council in London in a hearing which could go on for five days.

If the charge of misconduct is found proven she faces three possible sanctions: an admonishment – a black mark put against her name on the social care register; her right to practise could be suspended; or her name could be excised from the record permanently.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said: ''We are unable to comment until the hearing has concluded.''