Misplaced kindness of seal pup in taxi

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STAFF at a seal rescue centre were stunned when a woman turned up in a taxi with a pup wrapped up in a coat.

Workers at the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary said the woman obviously had the best of intentions but the pup was healthy and had probably only been temporarily separated from its mother.

They raced to take it back to the beach.

Lyndsey Crawford, from the Sanctuary, said: “Pups will quite often haul out on the shore while their mums are searching for food, but they are rarely left on their own for more than an hour or so. Apart from the danger of inadvertently scaring off mum if they get too close, these are wild animals with very sharp teeth. It’s a miracle this lady wasn’t badly bitten.” They want people to call them or the RSPCA if they have concerns.