Missed opportunity to build more reservoirs

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From: GR Thorpe, Lister Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford.

the news informs the British residents that large parts of the country are suffering drought conditions. Please note that the same conditions applied last year and now the water companies, farmers, the Government and other relevant people have met to discuss the problem (Yorkshire Post, February 21).

The problem can be seen by the man in the street – the last reservoir built was Kielder in Northumberland, finished in 1975. Also how much storage has been lost to silt being washed into the reservoirs?

Furthermore, the population has risen by many millions in the last 37 years.

The British population are taxed on many things that appertain to green issues, from rubbish to airline travel.

Scientists have repeatedly told us that Britain will get warmer and parts of the south of England will have dry summers. The people in power must have turned a blind eye to the water problem.

I would have thought that the Government would have forced the water authorities to provide enough water storage to make sure there is ample supply, even in a drought situation. Millions of pounds spent on wind turbines (a waste of money according to many people) would have been better spent on water storage.

If nowhere suitable can be found for water storage, why not build desalination plants like in the Middle East?

Building water storage would also create jobs, which are badly needed, but alas the easiest way to cope is to shut off water and erect stand pipes, so as to maintain the profits of the water companies.