Missing Ben’s mother rejects claims he is buried under rubble

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THE distraught mother of a boy who went missing on the Greek island of Kos 21 years ago yesterday dismissed claims that he is buried under of mound of rubble close to where he disappeared.

Kerry Needham, 40, said she was shocked at news that Greek police are planning to excavate under the rubble near the farmhouse where Ben, then aged 21 months was last seen in July 1991.

The farmhouse was being renovated by her dad Eddie when Ben disappeared. But Miss Needham, from Ecclesfield, Sheffield, has vowed to carry on her search and insisted her son was still alive.

Greek police, who have officially reopened the case, have said they are to excavate in the area after building worker claimed he had been excavating 50 yards from the farmhouse.

Is is claimed that Ben may have wandered into tangled undergrowth and ended up under rubble the builders were dumping there.

But Miss Needham said: “The area where they are referring to is to the left of the property. That mound of rubble and waste was already there while Ben was there.

“I find it very unlikely to believe that Ben is there. But if the Greeks want to satisfy themselves that Ben is not up there then fine.

“It’s an awful thought for me and my family to have to deal with. But it is showing that after 20 plus years the Greek police are actually interested in doing something with the case.”

Miss Needham said she believed the Greek police action had been prompted after a recent visit by officers from South Yorkshire Police to the holiday island.

Yesterday the South Yorkshire force said it would do all it could to assist.