Missing black cat reunited with family - on Friday 13th

An adventurous cat which vanished from home on April Fool's Day has been reunited with her family - on Friday the 13th.

Black feline Oreo escaped from owner Pauline Robinson’s house on Dewsbury Road in Elland after hiding in her father’s car when he drove to post a letter. She is believed to have fled near the post office on South Lane and was missing for six weeks before being found safe and well last Friday.

Despite the day of Oreo’s return being associated with bad luck in folklore, it proved to be a happy reunion for heartbroken Pauline and her children Gemma and Adam, as the cat had been taken in by a lady who had cared for her before spotting the family’s appeal on Facebook.

“If it wasn’t for the Internet, we wouldn’t have been able to find her. We are so happy to have her home as she is one of the most friendly cats you could meet. We want to thank everyone who searched for her for the help they have given us,” said Pauline.

“It is really strange that she went missing on April Fool’s Day and was found on the day of bad luck! It’s a story I will never forget.”

Oreo’s adventure began when she got more than she bargained for after leaping into Pauline’s parents’ car - one of her favourite places to hide - without anybody realising where she was.

“My children were heartbroken and we looked everywhere for her. She is part of the family and she is my world. All in all, this day hasn’t been bad luck, it has been a good luck day for all of us!” added Pauline.

The Robinson family would like to thank Elland Working Men’s Club for sharing a picture of Oreo.