Missing McMillan

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From: Norman Armistead, Green Park Avenue, Cayton, Scarborough.

I AM a regular reader of the Yorkshire Post and on Tuesdays I invariably turn first of all to Ian McMillan’s column; I enjoy and relate to his sideways look at life .

So to reach the end of this week’s column (Yorkshire Post, August 6) to find that it is his last came as quite a shock!

Tuesday mornings will not be quite the same in the future!

Thank you, Ian. As you say, there’s always the Yorkshire Post Magazine on Saturday.

The right time

From: Mr JG Waddington, Toller Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

I AM increasingly concerned about the sloppy English which I come across in newspapers and other publications.

The first is the use of 12am and 12pm, which, of course, are times that do not exist.

The correct terms are noon or midnight, but increasingly we have the other forms used.

From: Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

IN the same way that there are dog poo bins, why not a bin for used chewing gum?

Spat out everywhere you look, gum is not only a major eyesore which blights our nation’s streets, but often ends up trodden in people’s carpets.

Moreover, discarded chewing gum can retain harmful bacteria for many years, posing a health threat to anyone that touches it.

From: John Bryson, Derwent Avenue, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire.

NEIL McNicholas attacks a range of targets for their contribution to individual and general moral decline (Yorkshire Post, August 5).

He does not mention the moral decline of individual Roman Catholic priests and Cardinals nor the RC Church in general.

From: C Humphreys, Salisbury Street, Rawdon, Leeds.

UNEMPLOYMENT is rife. Households with not much money coming in. The future is bleak and uncertain. Hope is all that we have.