Money making the relationship break down

Britons are more than twice as likely to end a relationship because of disagreements about money as they are for any other reason, a survey suggested.

Around 58 per cent of single people said money had played some part in the breakdown of their last relationship, according to discount website

But only 21 per cent said they had broken up with a partner because of infidelity, while 17 per cent said they had stopped loving their other half and 15 per cent said work got in the way of their relationship.

Among those who said money had been a key factor contributing to the end of their relationship, 32 per cent said they and their partner disagreed about how to spend money, while 28 per cent blamed the breakdown on overspending by one person.

One in five said tensions arose due to one partner lying about money, 9 per cent said their problem was that they did not have enough money to pay bills and 8 per cent said the issue was due to them or their partner being frivolous with money.

Other reasons given included gambling, the fact their partner did not have enough money and people not liking it if their other half earned more than they did.