More people prosecuted for falsely using blue badges in Sheffield

Over 60 people have now been successfully prosecuted for using someone else's blue badge to park for free in Sheffield '“ with the total number of fines now totaling £30,000.

A blue badge sign, similar to ones which have been ignored by some borough motorists

In the latest three prosecutions, a further 15 people have been fined £5,575 – an average of more than £450 per fine.

The blue badge is confiscated upon successful prosecution with no guarantee that it can be re-applied for, meaning that the badge holder and potentially their families are left out of pocket and inconvenienced by the actions.

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Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development at Sheffield City Council, said: “Using a blue badge in this way is an abhorrent way to secure free parking, no matter what the excuse. People who wrongly use these spaces are denying people with a genuine need the opportunity to do so.

“These prosecutions don’t just end with a fine but with the confiscation of a badge as well – which has been genuinely awarded in the first place. So, my message is – don’t be tempted to use a relative or friends’ badge no matter what the circumstances. You will be fined and your friend or relative will lose the advantages that come with having a badge.

“The improper use of blue badges has a major impact on people who actually do have disabilities, causing parking problems and discrediting the whole scheme.

“Nobody else can use the blue badge unless they are travelling with the owner. My team won’t hesitate to continue confiscating blue badge passes where they are abused.”

In the cases the council has prosecuted so far, more than 98 per cent of the blue badges have been withdrawn.

To view a full list of blue badge regulations click here, or call: 0114 2734567.

There are currently more than 24,000 blue badges in circulation within Sheffield – 225 of these belong to organisations and the remainder are individual badges.

The latest prosecutions are as follows:

* July 17

- Marianne Dunkova D.O.B 13/12/85 – from Barrie Road, Sheffield, attended and pleaded guilty – fine £75, surcharge £30, costs £200.

- Tanya Nabi D.O.B 25/06/1999 from Broom Valley Road Rotherham, case proved in absence – fine £220, surcharge £30, costs £200.

- Patrick Blake DOB 06/08/63 from Dundas Road, Sheffield was found guilty and fined £120, costs £200, surcharge £30.

* June 26

- Rahim Younis DOB: 12/01/1978, from Queensway, Rotherham, case proved in absence – fine £220, costs £410, surcharge £30.

- Amy Allott-Thomas DOB:27/07/1995 from Ringinglow Road, guilty plea by post – fine £100, costs £410, surcharge £30.

- Dominique Benjamin DOB: 04/11/1978, from Elm Crescent, Mosborough, case proved in absence – fine £220, costs £410, surcharge £30.

- Lara Brummell DOB:19/10/1989, from Edmund Road, Sheffield, guilty plea by post – fine £100, costs £100, surcharge £30.

- Issa Hinda DOB: 01/01/1963 of Brunswick Street, Sheffield, attended court and pleaded guilty – fine £100, costs £100, surcharge £30.

* May 15

- Richard Jordan, DOB: unknown, from Wilowgarth Close, Leeds, guilty plea by post – fine £150, costs £210 surcharge £30.

- Gary Scaife, DOB:unknown, Beaumont Road North, Sheffield, guilty plea by post – fine £60, costs £210, surcharge £30.

- Lauren Jane Holmes; DOB:unknown, Elm Tree Crescent, Dronfield, proven in absence – fine £220, costs £410, surcharge £30.

- Ashley Thomas Colgrave, DOB: 03/04/1997, Busk Meadow, Sheffield, guilty plea by post –fine £150, costs £100, surcharge £30.

- Waqar Gulzeb Khan, DOB: 18/07/1981, Holland Place, Sheffield, guilty plea entered – fine £220, costs £410, surcharge £30

- Robert Gregory, DOB: 27/06/1951, Beaver Avenue, Sheffield, guilty plea by post – fine £160, costs £210, surcharge £30.

- Stephen Philip Guess, DOB: 30/05/1959, Southwood, Sheffield, guilty plea by post – fine £120, costs £210, surcharge £30.