More snow on the way: Leeds hour by hour weather forecast for Friday, March 2

After three days of relentless heavy snow, the Beast from the East is set to offer Leeds some respite - but only until Friday evening.

Snow in Leeds
Snow in Leeds

The latest Met Office forecast shows that there will be no snow in Leeds on Friday until later in the day.

Neighbours warned to be vigilant as tributes made to woman found dead in Leeds snowLight snow does return on Friday evening at around 8pm, according to the Met Office.

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It is predicted to last around three hours.

Snow in Leeds

Thousands of homes hit with power cut in LeedsFriday's hour-by-hour weather update for Leeds

12am – Overcast

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Snow in Leeds

3am – Overcast

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8pm – Light snow

9pm – Light snow

10pm – Light snow

11pm - Overcast