More trackers to keep tabs on most prolific offenders

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Humberside Police have been given £70,000 to extend tagging of prolific offenders - including sex offenders - with a Sat Nav type of device which allows officers to pinpoint their exact location.

The money will double the number of “buddi” trackers in use by the force, which have been credited with cutting crimes by known burglars, robbers and shoplifters, to 40 by December.

The match-boxed size devices are locked round the ankles of registered sexual, violent and other dangerous offenders as well as prolific criminals.

Detective Chief Inspector Darren Webb said it had helped remove the temptation to offend for most offenders who agreed to be fitted with the device - while those who carried on offending were quickly found out.

The devices help ensure sex offenders stick to the conditions of their licence.

In one case an offender was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence after he was found to have twice visited a park which he was banned from.

Criminals who were natural suspects for a crime, but were wearing a tag, could avoid being arrested on suspicion of committing an offence.

DCI Webb said: “It allows us to focus - if it wasn’t them - on who actually did it.

“The longer we can keep individuals who are wearing tags from offending the greater the chance of progressing the engagement side, looking at their issues and addressing long term offending and breaking the cycle.”

The money comes from police and crime commissioner Mathew Grove’s partnership reserve.

Over the past 20 months more than 100 offenders have agreed to wear a tag.

Mr Grove said it was “the start of an increasing trend of employing modern technology to closely monitor and manage offenders who pose the greatest risk to public and persuade them to change their ways and cease offending.”