More vital things than a bonus

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MANY young workers believe training and a good work-life balance is more important than a bonus, according to a new survey.

A PwC survey of more than 4,000 graduates also revealed that more than 40 per cent of respondents preferred electronic communication to face to face or verbal communication.

Most of the respondents hadn’t thought about how to fund their retirement, but only four per cent expected to work beyond retirement age.

Roger Marsh, senior partner in PwC’s office in Leeds, said: “Millennials want more than ‘just a job’.

“They expect rapid progression, a varied and interesting career, and constant feedback.

“What they want might shift as they move through different stages of life and their commitments change, but this group is characterised by their ambition and optimism as they look at more than money when there’s an offer on the table.

“There are significant implications for employers as they need to adapt to ensure they remain attractive to this new workforce.”

A quarter of respondents also expect to have six or more employers in their working life.

Only 18 per cent said they planned to stay in their current role long term.