Mother calls in police to help with ‘uncontrollable’ son, 13

A DESPERATE mother has called for her teenage son to be locked up – after claiming that she cannot control his violent temper and the damage he causes to the family home.

Janine Holt yesterday pleaded with the authorities to provide “professional help” for her 13-year-old son, Kyle Fisher, who she said had become “uncontrollable”.

Ms Holt has reported her son to police for wrecking two televisions, shattering a £350 mirror, kicking a hole in a bedroom door, smashing windows and knocking lumps out of the walls in their home in Darnall, Sheffield.

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The 32-year-old has three other sons aged three, seven and eight and said she was prepared to see her teenager sent to a young offenders’ institution if it means he gets help.

The boy is already the subject of an Acceptable Behaviour Contract, which includes a curfew and rules.

But his mother says his behaviour is so bad he was expelled from Sheffield’s Park Academy – and was later excluded from the city’s Spring Lane Education Centre which deals specifically with problem children.

She said Kyle runs riot in the neighbourhood, damaging property and abusing residents and said she was “desperate” for help.

She added: “I love my kids – all of them – and want the best for them, and this is why I am going public with this and asking for help.

“My fear is that if they don’t get to the bottom of what is wrong with Kyle and help him he will continue behaving like this and end up in prison.”

Ms Holt, who said she fears losing her council house because of the damage her son causes, said she first became concerned when, aged just three, Kyle hurled a six-week-old puppy out of an upstairs bedroom window.

The teenager has a council-appointed social worker and has been seen by Sheffield’s youth offending team, but his mother claims nothing has worked and said Kyle is well known to South Yorkshire Police.

She said: “I cry every single day. I look forward to going to bed at night and closing my eyes to try to escape this - it is a living hell.

“He shouts at me, insults me, attacks me – I have had bruises from him – and I am worried his younger brothers will grow up thinking it is normal behaviour.

“All I want is for him to go to court for trashing the house, and for all the professionals to get involved in the case and to do a report on him to find out what is wrong and what can be done.

“I know people will wonder why I am doing this, but I am doing it for Kyle – I want him to have a normal life when he is older, not to end up in prison, but that’s the way he is going.”