Mother crushed to death by truck after dropping daughter at school

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A MOTHER was crushed to death by a lorry while on the school run in South Yorkshire.

The woman, thought to be aged in her 30s, was crossing a busy road when the accident happened on Thursday morning.

Witnesses said the victim, who has not yet been named, stepped in front of the large truck
and fell under the vehicle’s wheels. Taxi driver Stuart Hardman, 48, saw the incident, which happened on Grange Lane in Stairfoot, Barnsley, at about 9.05am.

He said: “The traffic was stopped waiting at the lights at the roundabout and as the truck set off I saw the woman cross in front of it. She must have thought he was still stationary. He was only going at less than walking pace.

“Then she went under the front wheels, maybe she was knocked off balance. The driver couldn’t see her because his cab was so high.”

Other motorists began beeping their horns and bystanders started screaming as they realised what had happened. It is believed the woman worked at a nearby chemist’s shop. The shop was closed following the incident.

Mr Hardman said: “I feel for the woman’s family but I also feel for the truck driver. He was in tears.”

An inquest is expected to be opened and adjourned next week.